The Marketing and Communications Team - BluBird Communications

The Marketing and Communications Team


We’re good story tellers, but truth telling is our real super power. Our relationships with media, influencers and brands are built on trust and authenticity.

We value experience. Nothing gets passed to junior staff because there is no junior staff. Every member of our team has more than 10 years experience in high-level communications.

We adjust. Quickly when needed, slowly when wise

When the whole world’s your office you also tend to keep longer hours so we’re always available when you need us (and even when you don’t).



15+years in outdoor, travel, and consumer communications

AWAY FROM THE DESK : Mountain biker, skier, Dad

ASK OUR CLIENTS AND THEY’LL TELL YOU : Tim helps them sleep well (or at least better) at night. Overseeing strategy and the day-to-day execution, Tim’s deep understanding of outdoor and consumer lifestyle media, along with a unique ability to communicate with clarity and efficiency have benefitted some of the biggest names in the outdoor space. His campaigns over the last decade have resulted in the kind of measurable results that change trajectories.



20+Years spinning on outdoor and lifestyle communications

AWAY FROM THE DESK : Cat 1 road cyclist, Level III PSIA instructor, gravel aficionado

ASK OUR CLIENTS AND THEY’LL TELL YOU : He’s the CMO-type they didn’t know they needed. The wise old (don’t tell him we said that) sage. Chris’ expertise building successful marketing organizations in the active lifestyle space lends to a clear big-picture view of the playing field, connecting the dots and freeing up the rest of the team to dive deep. He’s the macro to our micro.



20 + years experience of making things look pretty

AWAY FROM THE DESK : Father, Husband, Skier, Mt Biker, Camper, Hiker, and enjoyer for cold beverages outside.

ASK OUR CLIENTS AND THEY’LL TELL YOU : He has the ability to successfully leverage the brand strategy with the visual and verbal brand assets, ensuring we are sharing the appropriate brand promise. His attention to detail and desire to get it “right” allows clients to focus on running their business. After all, design is simply, thinking visualized.



8+ years of outdoor industry digital marketing

AWAY FROM THE DESK : Skier, raft guide, aspiring fly-fisherwoman

ASK OUR CLIENTS AND THEY’LL TELL YOU : Skylar knows how to translate a brand’s business goals into a language that speaks to its audience. With a focus on storytelling and data-driven decision-making, Skylar can seamlessly guide customers from the awareness stage to clicking ‘purchase,’ a skill finely tuned from working on campaigns for some of the biggest names in the ski and outdoor industries.



15+ years of design within the outdoor, f+b and real estate industries

AWAY FROM THE DESK : skier, fisher, biker, animal lover and adventurer

ASK OUR CLIENTS AND THEY’LL TELL YOU : Not only is Polly a talented and thoughtful designer, but she also elevates her thinking beyond the task or program at hand and focuses on what we’re trying to achieve. She’s also naturally skilled at client and account management, and that’s gold in our business. We’re lucky to work with her, and our clients feel the same.



10+ Years in independent media and content marketing

AWAY FROM THE DESK: Rides literally every kind of bike, fixes vintage motorcycles, volunteers with local fire department.

ASK OUR CLIENTS AND THEY’LL TELL YOU: Spencer takes a journalist’s mindset and applies it to any kind of communications or marketing work. His deep bike industry experience makes him fluent in everything from tech jargon to the nuances of pro and amateur racing.



12+ Years Pedaling through PR and Marketing Strategies

AWAY FROM THE DESK: Former Competitive Cyclist, Mountain and Gravel Explorer, Local Kids MTB Program Founder

ASK OUR CLIENTS AND THEY’LL TELL YOU: She’s the PR powerhouse who knows how to ride with the wind. Karen brings over a decade of experience in PR and marketing. With her background in competitive cycling spanning mountain and gravel terrains, she understands the pulse of the outdoor and lifestyle industry like no other. Karen’s passion extends beyond her professional career; she runs Vail Valley Ride, a local kids MTB program in her hometown of Eagle, Colorado. While she may have retired from racing, she continues to fuel her adventurous spirit by exploring the world on two wheels and by foot.

Mike Imes

Media Relations

8+ years in outdoor and lifestyle consumer communications

AWAY FROM THE DESK : Skier, biker, mountain explorer

ASK OUR CLIENTS AND THEY’LL TELL YOU : Mike is a dynamic marketer who has helped many brands tell their stories. Mike’s thinking is top-down, working through the details and key tactics while keeping a bird’s-eye view of the bigger picture. His work blends creative solutions to complex marketing challenges with good old-fashioned relationship building.